Gucci Slide Sandal

Learn More About Gucci Slide Sandals

Slip your feet into Gucci slide sandals to add a casual and athletic touch to your outfit. Most of these simple sandals secure across the foot with a single wide strap, so they have a minimalistic profile; some feature two straps, either lined up or crossed. You can find Gucci slides in a range of colors and patterns on eBay.

Explore the different materials used for Gucci slide sandals

This sandal design comes in many different materials, including:

  • Rubber: Many styles use a 100% rubber style in which the sole, footbed, and upper are all molded out of this soft, waterproof material.
  • Leather: You can find Gucci slide sandals in patent leather, matte leather, and suede.
  • Fabric: The band of material that goes across the top of the foot may be made from materials like velvet or canvas.
  • Metal: Metal is frequently used for buckles and other accents on Gucci slides.
How do you choose Gucci sandals?

There are several different factors to consider when shopping for Gucci slide sandals:

  • Condition: You can choose to brand new or previously owned Gucci slides on eBay. If you pick used ones, you can decide how much wear is acceptable.
  • Style: Gucci has a few classic designs, like the Web, the Logo, and the Supreme, so you can pick the style of slide that you prefer.
  • Color: Once you have narrowed your choices to a specific style, pick your desired color. Common options include black, white, pink, green, red, and blue.
  • Size: The company usually recommends going a half size up if your feet are wider. See the manufacturer site for details on sizing.
The difference between the Web and Logo designs

Both the Web and the Logo designs are rubber-based Gucci slide sandals, but they look fairly different. The Gucci Web sandal is based on Gucci's signature web pattern, so it always has a red- and green-striped strip over the foot. The Gucci Logo sandal design is available in more colors because its style just comes from the logo stamped on the front. The Web sandal has a chunky tread on the sole, while the Logo sandal has a thinner sole.

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