Grumman Canoes

Reel in the Feistiest of Fish With a Grumman Canoe

Whether planning a fishing trip or a leisurely row down the river, you can't go wrong with a Grumman aluminum canoe. You can find a large selection of these affordably priced canoes in a variety of conditions when you shop on eBay.

Are these Grumman canoes new or used?

There is a huge variety of both new and used aluminum canoes for sale. You can benefit from both a brand-new purchase as well as purchasing secondhand. For example, a brand-new boat ensures that you are the first owner and do not need to worry about how well it was handled in the past. On the other hand, a used canoe is typically much cheaper, saving money (maybe even for a fishing rod!). Listings often have detailed pictures and descriptions to give you an idea of the overall condition of the canoes before making your purchase.

Features of Grumman Canoes

Since 1946, Grumman canoes have been proving their worth on lakes, rivers, and even backyard ponds. Made of high-quality lightweight aluminum, these canoes are easy to transport. You will find them in a variety of lengths, from 13-feet to 19-feet. Some have square sterns, while others have pointed sterns. This can help determine how fast you will be able to row on the water. Some of these canoes have room for two to three people, while others are meant for solo use. They are also available in a variety of colors including:

  • Green
  • Burgundy
  • Olive
  • Blue
What is included with these Grumman canoes for sale?

Most, but not all, of these canoes come with at least one paddle. It is a good idea to carefully read the listing to know what you're getting. Some canoes are offered for sale with extra accessories included like life vests, trolling motors, extra paddles, seat cushions, and anchors. Purchasing your canoe with accessories already included can save both time and money.

How much are Grumman canoes?

The quality and durability of a Grumman canoe cannot be denied, and because of this they tend to cost more than your average canoe. Pre-owned Grumman canoes are on sale for between $300 and $800, while brand-new ones sell for $1000 or more. Finding the right canoe is easy when you begin your search on eBay. You can search by different features, models, or materials and compare boats side by side. Finalize your purchase without even having to leave your home.

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