Grow Light Kits

Bring the Garden Indoors With Grow Light Kits

Not everyone who wants to start their own flower or vegetable garden has the backyard space to do so or a green thumb to actually make the plants thrive. Luckily, grow light kits can help tremendously by allowing you to start your grow operation indoors. Whether you live in an apartment with no yard or you simply haven't had luck with your plants outside, you can still grow plants using the multitude of grow lights for sale on eBay.

Things to consider before buying a grow lamp

Just as any lighting fixture is unique to the next, no grow light kit is created exactly the same. Here are a few things you should consider before purchasing new or used grow lights.

  • Number of plants - The grow lamp you choose should just about cover the entire surface area that your plants are going to take up. Consider how many plants you intend to plant before selecting a grow light kit.
  • Yield expectations - Keep in mind that, if you're starting fresh with a brand new grow operation, you'll want to consider how big each plant is going to grow and what you expect it to yield in buds, flowers, or vegetables.
  • In-home space - Consider where your grow light will be placed and the sizing of the unit.
Essential features in grow light kits

Grow lights offer a variety of helpful features that will enhance the overall indoor gardening experience. Some of these options include:

  • Self-cooling lights - Keep your plants cool and refreshed by purchasing a grow light kit with an internal cooling system. These do not radiate heat and will keep your plants healthy and vibrant.
  • Full spectrum - It's important for the vegetation and flowering process in plants that they receive a full red and blue spectrum of light.
  • Timer function - Some grow kits have a timer function that will turn the lights on and off to your specifications.
How many styles of grow light kits are there?

When shopping for your setup on eBay, you can find an abundance of cheap grow lights that will suit your indoor planting needs.

  • Hanging - Save space in your grow room or home by suspending a hanging grow light kit above the area you will be planting in.
  • Standing - Standing light kits generally have shelves to hold your plants beneath light bars and come in a variety of sizes. See the manufacturer's site for details. You can even find some of these models that are tented to keep your plants protected from dust and pets.
  • Tabletop - Tabletop grow kits tend to be for smaller grow operations or desk plants that need a little extra love.