Grilles for Volkswagen Beetle

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Grilles for Volkswagen Beetle

The Volkswagen Beetle, with its variety of grilles, has one of the most iconic automobile silhouettes in the world. Beetle grilles come in a range of materials and patterns, and each contributes a unique accent to your vehicle. With a wide selection of grilles, you can find something for the Volkswagen Beetle you drive.

What styles of Volkswagen Beetle grilles are there?

There are mesh and billet grilles for the rear, front, lower, upper, left, right, and headlights of the Volkswagen Beetle model. Volkswagen mesh grilles look like a sieve, consisting of twisted strands of metal arranged in a pattern resembling netting. Billet grilles look more like slats or blinds, with a pattern of horizontal or vertical lines.

The Volkswagen Beetle also has its own unique style of grille, a modified mesh grille that looks like large netting. Its often described as “honeycomb”. Honeycomb Beetle grilles can be found for the rear, front, upper, lower, left, right, and headlights of your vehicle. You also have the option of choosing a Beetle grille frame.

What is a 304 stainless steel VW Beetle grille?

This is a type of VW grille made of 304 stainless steel, one of several extremely sturdy materials used to manufacture VW grilles. This particular stainless steel is an alloy boasting chrome, nickel, and a small amount of carbon. You may also encounter Beetle grilles made of plastic, chrome, aluminum, and aluminum alloys.

All of these materials share certain characteristics that make them great for manufacturing Volkswagen grilles. They are all relatively lightweight, extremely sturdy, and resist corrosion from exposure to elements, bad weather, and wear.

Can you just snap one of these Volkswagen grilles on?

It depends on the grille of the model. Volkswagen Beetle grilles fall into two installation categories: overlay and insert. Overlay grilles, sometimes called "bolt over" or "bolt on," simply fit on top of your existing grille. The old grille occasionally remains visible through the overlay, giving the impression of depth and an enhanced pattern.

Insert grilles actually insert into your existing Beetle grille frame. Both types of grilles provide aesthetic benefits. They also let your Volkswagen engine breathe, keeping it aerated and cool while protecting your engine and transmission from dust, debris, and bugs.

What are the common colors and finishes?

Black and silver are most common. Both hues predominate throughout the world of automotive accessories since they both match so readily with any other color or trim level. There are aftermarket grilles for the Volkswagen Beetle that have material-specific finishes, like the hairline finish that is typical of stainless steel grilles.

Can you buy just one grille side with emblem?

You can generally find all types of grilles that fit your Beetle in groups or individually. You can get pairs of headlight grilles, one headlight grille, a lower front grille, left or right grilles, or an upper grille as needed for the vehicle you drive.