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Choosing a New Grille for Your Hyundai Genesis

Your Genesis comes with a large grille (not grill), on the front above the bumper and completes the look of the vehicle along with providing a purpose. When your current sedan grille becomes damaged or breaks, you can find a replacement part to insert in place of the old one.

What is the Function of a Grille?

A grille is in place for not only aesthetic reasons, but for important functionality.

  • Engine cooling: The grille's main function is to cool the radiator and car engine. Rather than relying on air passing up through vents in the bottom of a vehicle, it is much more practical and effective to have air passing through a grille in the front exterior to avoid overheating. 
  • Must stay clean: Since it has a vital function for the smooth running of your car, you should always keep it clean so that dirt and debris doesn't get stuck in the air system. 

What Accessories or Parts Can I Find?

As well as complete new products, you can find some parts and accessories such as:

  • Decal strip clip or sticker decal: You can change the color of the vent slabs by applying a clip or sticker. These can come in various colors such as red, white, and blue, and can give an interesting and unique appearance to the front of your Genesis sedan. The kit that you choose will have instructions on how to install these correctly.
  • Logo: A vehicle's logo often appears on the mesh grille, so if yours falls off for any reason, you can find a new one to replace it. 

Are There Different Styles of Grilles for My Hyundai Genesis?

You may have noticed some rather interesting looking front grilles on various automotive models that seem like something that should be on a spaceship, the Genesis grille shape is rather simple in design. It is almost like a rectangle shape but with one long end shorter than the other. As the grille needs to be a particular shape, you cannot have any replacement that you want, since it may not fit in to the space correctly. You can however find the right shape and size, then choose a different color or material if you would like another look. You can find chrome or carbon fiber models, and some with different colored vent slats. Stainless steel mesh is a lot more durable and rust resistant than mesh made from aluminum. You can use a billet grille to enhance the function and style of an original grille.

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