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Honda S2000 Grilles

Your Honda's grille serves as a protector for your S2000's engine and radiator. While they guard against debris, grilles can also be aesthetically pleasing. There are a variety of OEM and aftermarket grilles available for your Honda S2000.

What is the purpose of a Honda grille?

The grille may be one of the simplest parts on your vehicle, but it serves both functional and stylish purposes. Since the motor is nestled in the front of the vehicle, this is where the grille is located. In addition to protecting against debris and collisions, the grille safeguards your S2000's engine and radiator. Furthermore, it allows air into your radiator, maximizing the car's power.

You may replace your Honda S2000 grille out of necessity or for aesthetic purposes. There are numerous OEM and aftermarket grilles that come in various materials, colors, and designs. Each grille is created to fit your Honda's specific model year and trim level. You can choose your S2000 roadster grille by the material you want or by a design style you'd like for your car.

What materials are used in a Honda grille?

There are a number of different materials that can be used to make a car grille. Each has its own benefits and uses for your Honda. Some of the most common options include the following:

  • Stainless steel: This material is commonly used in grilles because it is resistant to corrosion. It is relatively heavy, but strong. Steel is an ideal option for off-roading since it can provide extra protection from collisions.
  • Sheet aluminum: Compared to steel, this metal is a more inexpensive option. It is lightweight, corrosion resistant, and more malleable than steel.
  • ABS plastic: This material is used in most S2000 stock model options. It is affordable, but still sturdy and lightweight. For added protection, ABS grilles are sometimes given metal coatings.
What are the various grille styles for the S2000?

You can find many options for your Honda S2000 in regard to style. While there are variations, most grille options will fall under one of the following categories:

  • Mesh: This style can be made of many different materials. However, it typically is characterized by its woven pattern design. You can find grilles that have fine or heavy mesh weaves, and many are coated with various materials like chrome or metal.
  • Billet: This style is characterized by its stacked bar pattern, which can go either vertically or horizontally. The design can be made of a few thick lines or many thin ones.
  • Replacement: This category consists of stock factory options that are made solely to replace your existing Honda S2000's grille. These will look exactly like the factory option; some, however, can be personalized.