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GMC Yukon Grilles

Complete the front end of your GMC Yukon with a sturdy, polished grille. You can peruse an assortment of brands, types, and materials for a grille that perfectly suits your ride. Before you make a purchase, however, there are a few details you may want to understand about GMC Yukon grilles.

Can you put custom GMC emblems on a new grille?

You can purchase emblems and a new grille of your choice separately. GMC grilles can be found with embedded emblems as well as round center holes into which you can install a separately purchased emblem of your choice. Classic red emblems predominate, but custom-painted black front and rear emblems do exist. Narrow down your choices according to grilles manufactured for compatibility with your model year.

What if you just need a Yukon bumper grille?

You can purchase bumper grilles separately or as a combo featuring a bumper grille with the main upper front grille. Lower, or bumper, grilles may fit the left, center, and right position on your vehicle's front end. Depending on the brand, upper grilles may also feature attached headlight housing, with the grille's main section and its attached housing spanning the entire front of your vehicle.

"Bumper grille" also refers to a bumper bar, which is sometimes called a cattle pusher or bull bar. You also can purchase these separately. They are typically one size fits all for all model years on the Denali and SLT.

What are the main types of GMC grilles available?

Mesh and billet are the most common options. Mesh grille netting varies in size according to manufacturer and model year. For GMC Yukon billet grilles, you have your pick of horizontal or vertical. Mesh and billet are comparable in terms of durability. Choosing between them comes down to personal taste. Each type of grille enhances your vehicle's cooling capacity, making sure your engine and transmission remain at optimal temperatures for efficiency.

How sturdy are the plastic GMC Yukon grilles?

These GMC Yukon grilles are actually made of acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS), an industrial-strength thermoplastic that's resistant to heat up to 221 degrees Fahrenheit. ABS can withstand corrosive materials and high impact, and it has extremely high tensile strength. Plastic face guards on wall sockets and the housing of power tools are often ABS.

ABS grilles contain plastic as a main interior component, sheathed in a metal alloy such as chrome or stainless steel. The combination of ABS and alloys keeps grilles lightweight yet tough enough to take beatings, withstand horrible weather, and prevent ingression of dust, debris, and bugs for years on end. There are also grilles consisting entirely of chrome, stainless steel, or aluminum.

How do you install GMC Yukon grilles?

Installation types fall into two categories: overlay and insert. Overlay grilles are also called snap-on or bolt-on. These grilles fit directly over your existing grille, with no unscrewing or drilling required. They come with retainer clips to hold the grille in place, and some varieties have a central cutout that allows your GMC emblem to remain visible.

Insert grilles slip into the grille frame on your Yukon. Overlay and insert are available in both billet and mesh styles. For the most part, bumper grilles are more apt to be inserts and mesh.