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BMW 2002 Grilles

Grilles are an integral part of your 2002 BMW's front end. They help to cool the radiator and engine and protect the nuts and bolts of your car from debris. The unique split kidney look of your BMW grille is easily identifiable.

What are the key components of your BMW 2002's grille?

Your grille is a key functional element of your BMW 2002's cooling system. It allows cool exterior air to circulate and aid in cooling the engine. It's comprised of two pieces and can have a number of options.

  • Split kidney grille: The BMW 2002 features a distinctive two-piece grille with vertical bars. These grilles typically are available in chrome and black matte. When replacing individual grilles, make sure to identify whether you're purchasing a driver or passenger side replacement.
  • Grille trim: This accessory is a great way to increase the visibility of your vehicle. This is great for aesthetic and safety purposes.
How do you buy grille components for BMW?

Your BMW has a distinctive looking front end, influenced strongly by the split grille. It evokes the classic radiator grilles of vintage luxury autos. Most vehicles feature only one, larger grille. You'll be able to find the right fit with your make, model year, and part number.

  • Split kidney: Your replacement grille will need to have the same distinctive split construction as the original. Make sure you're matching the model years, to get a proper fit.
  • Placement: Replacement grilles will feature a driver-side, and passenger-side element. You'll need to pay attention to which goes where. If only one side is damaged, make sure you're buying the correct replacement.
  • Aesthetics: Unless you're trying to change your vehicle's look, make sure the color and style match your original BMW 2002's grille.
What are some options for your BMW's grille?

The grille is a big piece of the look of your car's front end. In designing cars, grilles are often important considerations. Huge radiator grilles look stately, whereas curved honeycomb grilles evoke a smile. Your BMW features classic, stylish grille, but there are options if you'd like to make a change.

  • Wire mesh: This is a contrast to the typical look of a BMW 2002 grille. It features smaller openings and offers more protection for your car's engine. With wire mesh instead of a traditional grille, your car will take on a distinctive look.
  • Designer grilles: It's possible to purchase aftermarket grilles with a range of designs. You can change the color, the elements and add mesh inserts if desired. The only restriction is the size of the openings for your grilles.