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Grey Flannel by Geoffrey Beene Men's Fragrance

The right fragrance for a man is part of his personal style and should match his virility and endurance. Enduring favorite colognes like Geoffrey Beene's Grey Flannel have scents that denote power and mystery and last as long as the man needs it to during his days. With the ability to boost confidence and provide an appealing personal smell, a good fragrance should be in every man's wardrobe.

What Grey Flannel products are available?

Grey Flannel is available in a nice selection of aftershaves, eau de colognes, eau de toilettes, and gift sets. Individual items are available in everything from sample sizes to 5-ounce bottles and larger. The products are available in spray, oil, and solid forms for convenience. Many of the spray bottles come with a signature Grey Flannel storage bag for ease in taking it along for travel or for storage.

What notes are used in Grey Flannel?

The fragrance opens with notes of violet, lemon, bitter orange, petitgrain, and galbanum before moving into the heart with tones of clary sage, rose, and subtle geranium. The rich, deep tones of oakmoss, sandalwood, cedarwood, and tonka lend the cologne a pleasing, dark, woodsy essence.

How do you apply the product properly?
  1. Spray scent onto skin that's dried immediately after showering for best results. The nozzle should be 3 to 6 inches away from your skin for the application.
  2. Start with a lighter amount. A single spray on your chest will suffice. As you become accustomed to wearing it, you can spritz it on lightly in one to two other areas.
  3. Apply to the warmer areas of the body as the heat will boost the product throughout your day like the chest, neck, lower jaw, wrists, forearms, inner elbows, and shoulders. Select one area to start as opposed to using your product on all of them at once. As you adjust to wearing it, you should apply to no more than two to three areas. Reapply only if absolutely necessary.
  4. Don't rub or scrub the product into your skin, as it will weaken the smell.
  5. Don't apply to your clothing. It was designed to cycle through the various notes on your skin and can't do that on cloth.
  6. Avoid splashing on your product. If applying from a non-spray bottle, with one finger, press it against the neck of your bottle and then tip it gently. Dab your product onto the desired area.
How do you store your scents?

Keep in mind, at best, an opened bottle will last about two years. Storage in an area where the temperature is consistent is ideal. Heat and sunlight will break down the product, so storage in darker spaces is also ideal. If storing in a drawer, be sure to protect the bottles with cloth bags, scarves, or bubble wrap.

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