Greenlight is a toy company that designs different diecast vehicles with replica automotive components. You'll find cars and trucks with designer housing components and interior hardware elements that match many American automobile design schemes. This brand also offers tow trailers that are designed with a detailed housing.

What are the Greenlight collectibles automobile brands and options?

Trucks by Greenlight are built with components, frames, and paints that highlight products by Chevrolet, Dodge, and Ford. Many brands that built cars have toy vehicles as well; these pieces include designer elements by Nissan, Jeep, Volkswagen, and Pontiac.

Greenlight collectibles buses are designed with large wheels and a strategically painted frame. A typical bus for residential use will have multiple windows on the exterior housing that let light into the cabin, and a vintage bus will have a classic design and rustic paint.

Police vehicles and police series from Greenlight are built with all of the most common hardware pieces, such as bold siren hardware and traditional stickers. Greenlight collectibles police units are typically designed with Dodge Charger components.

Pickup trucks by Greenlight have a variety of design schemes, so you'll find pieces with current fenders and toys that have vintage designs and classic paints. Large trucks with giant wheels are options from Greenlight collectibles as well; these units are typically built with a Bigfoot theme. Greenlight utility trucks are also large, and they're designed with practical cargo hardware for oil, waste, dirt, or gravel. Some utility units are also built with replica transportation components that have traditional big rig elements. Also available are their Green Machine chase versions.

Some examples of their vehicles are the Greenlight Ford F-100 truck and their California Highway Patrol.

What are the Greenlight collectibles material options and themes?

Plastic is the main material that's used to construct the housing on many of the Greenlight cars. The kind of plastic that's placed on different components will vary based on a product's design and theme. For example, Greenlight collectibles cars that are designed with replica Smokey and the Bandit components will have lightweight plastic hardware, as this kind of material doesn't slow the cars down by increasing density. Greenlight collectibles products that are engineered with big rig equipment will have a heavy frame since traditional transportation vehicles are also bulky and tough.

What are the Greenlight collectibles accessory options?

Compact gas station kits are some of the accessories that are manufactured by the Greenlight brand. A general gas station has a convenience building that's mounted on a platform. Near the building, there is a spot where gas pumps are secured in place.

Mechanic workshops are also accessories for Greenlight vehicles. These pieces are compact, and they're built in a 1/64 scale.

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