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Green driving is not about being a good steward to the planet, it’s also about using the latest technology to live a better life. Take the time to learn more about each of these technologies:

Hybrid - A hybrid electric car combines an internal combustion engine with batteries and an electric motor to provide high fuel economy. Hybrids automatically switch between gas and electric to maximize efficiency. Batteries are charged by the engine and during regenerative braking.

Electric - An all-electric car is powered only by an electric motor that receives electricity by plugging into the grid. These cars consume no gasoline and produce no tailpipe emissions. However, the level of overall emissions depends on the amount of coal used to make electricity.

CNG - Compressed natural gas is cleaner and less expensive than gasoline, and generally comes from domestic sources. When considering the purchase of a CNG vehicle, owners should first determine whether convenient and reliable CNG fueling is available.

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