A Quick Guide to the Google Server

When you work with or are responsible for your business's network, you want to have the best servers to keep things running smoothly. When you need to expand your network or need to troubleshoot any part of it, the right system can help you. There's a wide selection of servers available on eBay, including Google servers, also called Google search appliances, to meet all your business networking needs.

What is a rack server?

Rack servers, often called rack-mounted servers, are computers that function as dedicated servers and are designed to work within a rack environment. The rack environment has many mounting slots called bays, each for the purpose of holding a hardware unit secured with screws. Different than tower servers built into upright cabinets, rack servers are kept in low-profile enclosures.

Each rack environment has multiple servers, and each is stacked on top of the other, for the systematic use of network resources and to keep storage space to a minimum. Cooling systems are often used to deal with heat buildup that can happen when a group of power-dissipating components is used together in a small space.

What Google servers are available?

eBay has a wide selection of Google servers at reasonable prices. They are available with RAM capacities of 2GB, 8GB, 16GB, 48GB, 64GB, and 128GB. They are available as mini servers and standard rack-mounted servers. They offer processors like Pentium 4, Pentium III-S, Xeon, Xeon E5-2640, Xeon Quad Core, and more. They are integrated with brands like Dell and Intel and use memory including DDR3 SDRAM and DDR SDRAM.

What are the key features of Google servers?

To provide quick, secure access to networks, Google search appliances include the following features:

  • Ease of use: Google servers allow universal search for a business, allowing enterprise or web content to be searched using an easy box. The application can be up and running in a very short period of time.
  • Security: Google servers observe document-level security through the integration with existing control systems, supporting numerous single user sign-on mechanisms including LDAP, NTLM, PKI, and Kerberos.
  • Data access: Since they're complemented by an increasing number of third-party plug-ins and an open-development framework through which extra connectors can be implemented, Google servers have a range of standard content connectors, including EMC Documentum, files systems, IBM DB2, IBM FileNet, Microsoft SQLServer, MySQL, OpenText Livelink, Oracle, and websites. Google servers support over 200 standard file formats and reformat to HTML for easy viewing of legacy document types.
  • Scalability: The servers extend search through new architecture, enabling multiple server deployments within one organization to integrate search indices to give unified sets of results. A search across billions of documents could be conducted with the unification of search across numerous Google server instances.
  • Customizable ranking: This allows administrators to easily tune results rankings to the parameters of their organization or provide different divisions with their own custom settings.
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