Golf Training Aids

Golf Training Aids

There are many things you can do to step up your golf skills outside of playing on the course. Golf accessory companies have created a wide variety of golf training aids that can help improve different areas of your golf game. The great thing about these training aids is that they can be used in an outdoor area, as well as in the comfort of your home or office.

What types of golf training aids are available?

There are many different types of golf training aids that are available. If you're looking to build your chip shot to help you get out of bunkers, you can use a chipping net to help practice your accuracy. If you're looking to take your golf putting skills to the next level, a putting training aid can help you improve your stroke and accuracy.

Two of the common go-to training aids are the indoor practice range and golf mat. An indoor practice range helps you improve your swing. You can use this practical tool to work on your power and form. It comes with a net to catch the golf ball without any problems. The golf mat simulates the feeling and texture of real grass for accurate putting. These mats come in different grass textures, surface shapes, and lengths to hone your putt.

How do golf training aids work?

Golf training aids are designed to simulate various aspects of the game that you'll encounter on the golf course. Some putting aids come with different textures of grass to prepare your putt shot for different courses and situations. They may also have surfaces that rise up and down to simulate the actual surfaces you'll be putting on. These putting aids are built to train your ability to read the green, control your power, and hone your putting accuracy.

The whole idea behind these tools is based on improving different parts of your game, whether it's your swing driver, approach shot, putting, or chip shot. These tools can be trained with for as little as 30 minutes a day. With consistent practice, you will find that your game has been significantly upgraded over the course of several weeks to months.

Which training aids help with your fitness, strength, and form?

Grip strengthening tools are used to strengthen and condition your hands, wrists, and fingers. You'll find unique tools like weighted shoulder vests to help golfers make bigger shoulder turns for a more explosive swing.

There are also tools that help with your swing indirectly. A good tool that can help your form is a wrist attachment. It flattens your wrist to support your follow through, maintain consistency, and help you become habituated to proper swing form. Weighted gloves can be used to get the hand and forehand accustomed to resistance and increase swing speed over several months of use.