Try to Improve Your Game With Golf Club Grips

When you are golfing, whether it is at the driving range or the course, you will want to be able to get a good hold of your golf clubs. Golf club grips are a small part of the club, but they play a big role in your overall performance. There are many kinds of golf grips for sale on eBay ranging from the brand new to the pre-owned.

What main factors influence the purchase of golf grips?

Here are a few things to think about when looking for eBay for golf club grips for sale:

  • Size: You can go with a mid-size option if your hands are average in size. There is also the opportunity to get an undersize or an oversize grip, depending on whether your hands are smaller or larger than average. For some players, using grips that are too small can lead to pulling the ball, and using grips that are too large can sometimes lead to slicing.
  • Material: Grips should be soft and easy to hold, and they should also be able to dampen vibrations while you hit the ball. Natural and synthetic rubber are commonly found in cheap golf grips. There are some grips made with a thermo-plastic material that's made to be soft and tacky in feel.
  • Texture: This comes down to a personal preference. Some grips are rougher, enhancing hand traction. Others feel more smooth, which could be preferred if you do not use a golf glove and want something that is less abrasive.
  • Taper: Many golf clubs have a taper, even in the grip itself. While this may work for some golfers, for others, it can make slicing more likely. There are grips for sale that have a reduced taper or a straight taper that can help a player keep his or her club face square.
Are there grips designed to be used in wet conditions?

When it rains or is very humid, it can be hard to get a firm hold of your golf clubs. To prevent slipping in wet conditions, some golf grips include a cord fabric. This fabric enhances traction and works to prevent slippage. This would be something to consider if your hands get sweaty while playing golf.

Which companies make golf grips?

As you search for new or used golf grips on eBay, you will see that there are many colors and designs. Some of the companies that make grips are:

  • Lamkin
  • Win
  • SuperStroke
  • Karma
  • SKLZ
  • Rexton Golf