Golf Carts

Take a Ride in a Golf Cart

When you have to get around your property, your neighborhood, or the golf course, having a golf cart can be convenient. These vehicles can be used on paved as well as some non-paved terrain, they're simple to operate, and they're relatively easy to maintain. You can buy a new golf cart if you want something in pristine condition, or you can buy a used golf cart on eBay for a cheaper price.

Should I get a gas or electric golf cart?

This is an important factor to consider when you first start looking at new or used golf carts for sale. Here are some basics regarding each type:

  • Gas: Gas golf carts for sale are going to offer more speed and power than their electric counterparts. Gas engines can generate to 10 to 15 horsepower whereas electric ones may have around 5 or 6 horsepower. When it comes time to refuel, you simply add more gas instead of waiting around as your batteries charge. Gas golf carts do make noise and produce some emissions, and they'll require periodic oil changes and tune-ups.
  • Electric: While electric carts don't travel as fast as gas ones, they can still zip along a golf course or sidewalk. The 36-volt motors can travel at 10 to 12 mph, and the 48-volt motors can go as fast as 25 mph. These carts are quiet, and maintenance is minimal. The biggest job is charging the battery, which might take a few hours.
Can a golf cart go off-roading?

Some new and used golf carts are designed for going off the pavement. These have bigger tires, higher seats, higher overall clearance, and good power. They may also have enhanced bumpers and rails that can protect people from branches that get kicked up. If you're trying to find an electric golf cart for sale that can go off-roading, consider getting something that can travel further before recharging, since you won't want to get stuck somewhere inconvenient. Look for something that can travel at least 30 - 40 miles on a single charge.

How many passengers can ride in a golf cart?

The majority of golf carts for sale accommodate two passengers on one bench. Behind the bench, there may be storage for golf bags, or there may be another bench that faces backwards. There are some extended cabs that have two or even three rows of seating to accommodate up to six passengers. Those rows could have bench seating or bucket seats, complete with arm rests.