Golf Cart Enclosures

Golf Cart Enclosures to Keep You High and Dry

If youre on the hunt for a solution for keeping your Yamaha or Club Car golf cart safe from the cold and wet, the affordable covers available on eBay might serve as the solution youve been looking for. To ensure that youll end up with the exact cover that you need, consider these frequently asked customer questions.

What are the benefits of golf cart enclosures?

If you use them effectively, the Club Car or other enclosures and storage covers in this category have the potential to increase the longevity of your Club Car, Yamaha, or E-Z-GO golf cart and keep it safe from harm. They can also help you stay dry if you decide to enjoy a game of golf even when the weather has taken a turn for the worse. There are so many different kinds of new and used golf cart enclosures and covers available that its easy to find a model that will fit with your particular kind of golf cart. In addition, these Club Car, Yamaha and other covers come in multiple colors, which can allow you to play to your sense of style.

What types of covers are there?

There are many different types of these accessories to choose from on eBay; some are for simple four-seater carts from E-Z-GO, Yamaha, or Club Car, but there are also options available for much larger golf carts with eight seats or more. However, despite the significant differences between the different covers that are offered, all of these golf cart accessories can be assigned to one of two overarching groups:

  • Storage covers: These types of accessories are used when your golf cart is not in motion. They do not have any windows, and they cover every part of your cart. They are usually available in either beige or black.
  • Golf cart enclosures: You can use these accessories while youre driving your golf vehicle. They have clear windows, and they create a rain-proof barrier around your vehicle.
How do you pick the right kind of enclosure?

The first thing youll need to do after youve found a cover that you like is to make sure that it fits your golf vehicle. Some of the covers available on eBay only fit certain models of vehicles, but others are universal. Then, select a color and style that works for you.