Golf Cart Batteries

Getting Around on the Course: The In-Depth Guide to Golf Cart Batteries

When youre playing on the links, going from hole to hole can be very tiring, which is why many golfers opt to purchase their golf carts. Powering these carts is easy, and with the right golf cart batteries, you can sometimes even play multiple games. Electric golf cart batteries are also fairly easy to charge, and there are a variety of models on eBay that you can purchase for your golfing vehicle. 

Golf cart battery sizing options 

When youre in the market for a new golf cart battery, youll have options when it comes to the overall voltage of the battery itself. Of course, if youre looking for a longer lifespan, youll want a higher voltage, so take this into account. Its also important to note that some golf carts will need more than one battery. In any situation, golf cart battery models include:  

  • 6-volt electric golf cart batteries - In golf carts, 6-volt battery setups typically run in a six-six system, which means that these usually have a travel distance of about 22 miles.
  • 8-volt electric golf cart batteries - For 8-volt systems, there is usually a battery system that has six batteries with eight cells each. In most situations, these will provide anywhere from 19 to 20 miles on a charge.
  • 12-volt electric golf cart batteries - In golf carts, 12-volt battery systems can provide about 72 volts of power altogether and can power a golf cart for fairly long distances.

What types of golf cart batteries are available? 

When youre picking a new or used battery, youll have several options that include:  

  • Absorbed glass mat - These tend to have the ability to operate at maximum capacity for the longest period but may cost a bit more.
  • Flood lead acid - This is the least expensive and has good longevity.
  • Gel lead acid - These last longer than flood lead-acid batteries, but you will need a special charger to charge it properly.

Is it easy to charge your golf cart battery? 

Yes, charging a golf cart battery is a simple process. Golf cart batteries are most often charged by the alternator in a gas-powered cart. As mentioned, gel lead batteries require a special charger, but outside of this unique type, you can charge your batteries in a few simple ways. These include simple outlet charging, which most battery systems are equipped to do. For this method, you simply charge the battery using the wire that comes with the cart. Another fairly simple method uses solar charging. These batteries have solar panels right on their chassis for quick charging.