Golf Bags

Golf Club Bags

Golf bags provide you with equipment that will hold your clubs when you take to the course. These items can come in many different colors and are outfitted with a large number of pockets to hold all of your golf balls, clubs, tees, and other golfing equipment. When selecting a golf bag, there are many different brands available for you to choose from.

What are the different bag types?

There are a variety of golf bags to select from, each of which offers a variety of unique features that you might wish to know about.

  • Carry: This type of golf bag is designed primarily to be carried when on the course and is made to be lightweight, typically weighing around 2 pounds. This allows you to carry one for a lengthy period of time when playing.
  • Cart: This bag is somewhat small and light as it is designed to be used on a golf riding cart. They are around 6-7 pounds in weight and are crafted in a way that provides quick access to the pockets when riding in a cart.
  • Stand: These are designed to stand almost completely upright or slightly slanted, which is accomplished through the use of two retractable legs. If you walk the course, these legs allow you set the bag down without worrying about it falling over.
  • Travel: This type of bag typically includes a padded cover to protect your clubs when transporting them to the course or when on a vacation. The handles of the golf bag also usually consist of additional padding.

What colors do these golf travel bags come in?

These golf bags come in a wide range of colors, allowing you to choose the color that appeals to you the most. The majority of these models come in a black and dark gray coloring while many others are aqua, white, and red. Some of the additional colors you might want to consider include silver, green, pink, and orange. A few of the more unique colors include gold, yellow, and purple, although some of these bags consist of multiple colors, providing you with a substantial amount of variety to select from.

Which materials do these golf travel bags consist of?

A golf travel bag can be crafted from a wide range of different materials. Aside from a few small aspects of each material, they are designed with the comfort of the user in mind. For instance, most carry bags will be made with soft materials.

  • Nylon: Nylon is a synthetic fabric that is known for being thin but also tough and durable.
  • Polyester: Polyester is a type of synthetic fabric that is strong and retains its shape well when coming into contact with water or other substances.
  • Leather: A leather bag is resistant to abrasion and is partially waterproof. This natural material can also be resistant to fire.
  • Canvas: Canvas is a plain woven fabric that is durable and resistant to many elements.