God of War 4 Takes Gamers Into the World of Norse Mythology

Eight years after God of War 3 was created for PlayStation 3, its sequel God of War 4 has finally been created for PlayStation 4. Taking gamers by surprise, God of War switches from an in-game world setting revolving around Greek mythology to a completely new world set in the midst of Norse lore. Whether you are searching for collector edition box sets or the original game UMD, eBay has both new and used versions available.

How does God of War 4 relate to previous installments?

The God of War 4 refers to the God of War action adventure video game created for the PlayStation 4 gaming console system in 2018. It is the eighth installment of the God of War storyline and the sequel to God of War 3 created back in 2010. The first to seventh God of War installments tell the story for Era 1 and takes place among the lore of Greek mythology. The eighth installment, God of War 4, begins the storyline for Era 2, and takes place among a world setting based off Norse mythology.

  • God of War: Created in 2005 for PlayStation 2
  • God of War 2: Created in 2007 for PlayStation 2
  • God of War Betrayal: Created in 2007 for mobile phones
  • God of War Chains of Olympus: Created in 2008 for PlayStation Portable
  • God of War 3: Created in 2010 for PlayStation 3
  • God of War Ghost of Sparta: Created in 2010 for PlayStation Portable
  • God of War Ascension: Created in 2013 for PlayStation 3
  • God of War 4: Created in 2018 for PlayStation 4
Was there a collector’s edition box set created for PS4?

The God of War 4 Collector’s Edition box set is also called the Stone Mason Box Set and contains a mix of physical and digital bonuses. The box set includes a physical copy of the game, nine-inch figures of the main character Kratos and his son, carvings of mythological creatures, a key chain, lithograph, and a cloth map. The digital bonuses of the box set include several in-game gear sets, a digital comic, and an art book.

What is the maturity rating for God of War 4?

The Entertainment Software Rating Board, or ESRB, has given the God of War 4 video game a rating of M for Mature, generally suitable for ages 17 and older.

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