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Glove Boxes for Volkswagen Passat

With a Volkswagen Passat, you have a multipurpose sedan you can drive almost anywhere. You can use the handy compartment for more than just gloves. If your vehicle's glove box needs replacement or repair, here are some tips.

How do Passat glove boxes work?

With a name that points back to the original use of storing gloves, this handy compartment continues to be useful. A car's glove box consists of several parts, each of which can be replaced separately and as a unit. The three main parts are the door, the compartment, and the latch system that lets you open, close, and lock the box.

  • Door: The front panel of the box, this hard plastic shell keeps the contents stowed away when closed.
  • Compartment: The main body of the box, the foldout compartment can have different lining, including custom lining of your choice.
  • Latch and lock: This part of the glove box will vary greatly by year and build. This mechanism lets you unlock, open, and shut your glove box.
  • Optional add-ons: In addition to these three essential pieces, your Passat may have other optional add-ons. If not present, you can also add these parts later. Official Volkswagen add-ons include a glove box light and an automatic CD changer player.
How can you find the right Passat glove box?

As a highly visible and functional feature of your VW's interior, it's important to get this part right. Here are the features you'll want to keep in mind for your search.

  • Model year and body type: The glove box sits near the hood of your car near the engine and above the passenger's feet. Interior designs can vary widely between Volkswagen model builds. Always make sure to search by build, such as S or SE. An apparently unrelated change such as automatic transmission, engine, or sound system sometimes results in altered glove box dimensions.
  • Interior color: Especially if you need to change the door part of the glove box, keep colors in mind. The Volkswagen Passat comes from the factory with four interior color options: black, anthracite or off-black, gray, and beige. These four colors may vary for different interior parts, for example, seats. You should be able to find replacement Passat glove boxes for each of these colors.
  • Kit or parts: Passat glove box assembly kits generally include everything you need for a functional box. This includes the door, the compartment, and the latching mechanism. If only one part of the glove box breaks, you can also choose to replace just that part of your VW.