Gibson Banjos

'Pickin and Grinnin' With a Gibson Banjo

Banjos are known for their distinctively twangy sound and are commonly associated with country, bluegrass, and folk music. Whether you are a professional musician or a hobbyist, if you are looking for a banjo, you might consider a Gibson banjo on eBay. 

What to look for in an authentic Gibson banjo 

Here are a few tips to help you identify a real Gibson banjo.  

  • Logo: There should be a logo on the peghead. You will find one of two kinds. The older banjos from before 1946 will feature the logo in a script form. The newer models will have a logo that is written in block letters.
  • Serial number: Along with the logo, the peghead should have a serial number on the back. The serial number may also be stamped or chalked inside the resonator instead. Serial numbers can be authenticated on the Gibson website.
  • Gibson decal: Look for a Gibson decal on the inside of the wooden rim. If it is a Gibson Mastertone, it will read "Gibson Mastertone" on the decal. In other instances, "The Gibson" will be written in script. Under that, you will find "Gibson Inc. Kalamazoo Mich." written in block letters.

Can you get banjo parts? 

Many Gibson banjo parts are available for sale on eBay at affordable prices. If you need a replacement part for your Gibson, you can find rings, hooks and nuts, arm rests, and thumb screws. You can also find bigger parts such as finger boards. 

What style of banjo can you get? 

Gibson has produced a wide range of banjo models over the years. They have made banjos with an arch top or a flat head. Some tone rings have 19 holes, and others have 20. Some of the pre-war banjos have a two-piece flange. The company started producing a two-piece flange in 1980 but reverted to a one-piece in 1988. The type of banjo you select will depend on your preferences. Gibson banjos also feature inlay patterns. One of the most recent models, the RB-250, has a pattern of leaves and bows. The RB 75 (Crowe) and RB-4 each feature a flying eagle pattern while the Earl Scruggs model has hearts and flowers. 

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