Buy Used and New Genie Control Box on eBay

Genie is a well-known brand for material lifts. Since the introduction of original Genie hoist in 1966, the company has produced industry-leading material handling the equipment. Genie lifts, load-lifter, super hoists, and super lifts are just a few of many products sold by the brand. On eBay, you can easily buy a variety of Genie Aerial lifts and Genie scissor lift control box to use with the Genie products.

What types of Genie scissor lifts are there?

On eBay, you will come across plenty of control box sold for genie scissor lifts. Here is a basic guideline of scissor lift models that you can control using the new Genie control boxes:

  • The basic Genie scissor lift is ideal for lifting loads of less than 500 pounds. Usually, these lifters have a maximum capacity to lift two individuals at any given time. Models such as GS-1330, GS-1532, GS-1932, and GS-3232 are somewhat identical in capacity and design. They also used a similar design of new and used control box.
  • All other scissor lift designs and models are built to handle loads of more than 500 pounds. In fact, heavy models can lift weights of up to 2,200 pounds, which also means that the control box for heavy lifters is identical to each other.
New and used Genie parts

Since Genie produces a variety of industrial equipment, it is useful to understand that only the new generation of control box may fit the new lifts. Mostly, the new-generation control boxes and joysticks are indicated as Generation 5 or Generation 6 parts.

The new-generation Genie control boxes are plug-and-play types of equipment, which are easy to install. They usually plug directly in the wire harness of the control system. You don't require any additional wires to power these control boxes. If you buy an inexpensive control box that is not categorized as Gen-5 or Gen-6, it is logical to ask the owner to identify if it is compatible with the Genie lifts and other ariel lifts.

Genie aerial lifts and material handling

On the eBay online platform, you are likely to find Genie 1930 control box, joysticks, parts, and Genie control box cover for aerial lifts and material handling products. While the joystick and control of Genie products may seem similar, joysticks for aerial lifts and material handlers are mostly not compatible with each other.

Similarly, if you are buying a used Genie control box for sale such as the Genie KEP 1 control box, make sure that control box and joysticks for similar aerial equipment such as electric scissor lift and rough-terrain scissor lift are compatible with the product.