Complete Your Amps with Vintage KT66 GEC Valves

Whether you are looking for unused or used vintage GEC KT66 Valves, you can find both in working condition and in all different price ranges on eBay. Before making your purchase, however, it is important to have your questions answered, so you know exactly what to expect when you receive your GEC KT66 tubes. On eBay, it is easy to buy and sell items, and you can find the answers to all of your questions if you know where to look.

Are the GEC KT66 tubes compatible with Marshall Amps?

These GEC KT66 valves are compatible with Marshall Amps and were widely used in Marshall Amps in the 1960s. The GEC KT66 tubes are actually the tubes that Jimi Hendrix and Eric Clapton used for their Marshall Amps when they were in their prime.

What type of sound do the KT66 tubes produce?

These tubes produce a tight sound that is also smooth and warm. They offer mid- and top-end chiming and can make your guitar heard over all the other instruments. The sounds that are produced are consistent, so you know you will always produce the sound you were expecting. You could even say that the KT66 tubes offer a textured sound, adding even more depth to the music.

Who are the KT66 tubes appropriate for?

The GEC KT66 tubes are appropriate for a wide range of people. They can benefit:

  • Professional guitarists
  • Hobby guitarists who want to try out a different sound
  • Those who collect tubes
  • Music producers
  • Anyone involved with a music school

The sounds produced are highly appreciated by professionals, and music enthusiasts enjoy owning the vintage tube as well. Even people who appreciate the sound they help produce could benefit from having them on hand for musicians who might borrow their amps.

How long is the life of these unused tubes?

While many of the KT66 tubes sold on eBay are unused, they are still vintage and have been stored for many years. The life length may depend on the amount of time they were stored for, and they may have slightly less than a full life left. The life length varies, but you can find many that have at least 97% of the life remaining. Nearly all of the tubes have been tested and are in working order, which will be mentioned in the individual eBay posting.

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