Garden Trellises

Beautify Your Garden With the Help of a Garden Trellis

Add a lovely focal point to your garden, hide ugly utilities, or give support to growing plants with a trellis. You can find loads of affordable garden trellises when you shop on eBay.

Types of trellises available

There are myriads of new and used garden trellises to choose from. There are diamond trellises to accent corners and joints. Expandable trellises allow you to choose the right width for your needs, and garden trellis panels can be connected or used separately. There are simple trellises that give your climbing vegetation room to grow, and others that protect growing plants from harsh winds and rain. Most garden trellises add aesthetic appeal to your garden, and others are functional as plant support and for protection.

What materials are affordable trellises made from?

There are trellises made from many different materials, and this will be a factor in how long your trellis will last. Since it will be outside, your trellis is susceptible to weather and sun. Metal, plastic, and solid wood trellises will last a long time with proper care and maintenance. Lighter woods like bamboo and willow can last a while if they are treated with waterproofing. Plastics and paints can make for a custom look. Plastic will hold up better in wetter environments. They are also available in a variety of shapes and sizes including:

  • Small, fan-shaped for potted plants
  • Archways
  • Large fans for climbing plants
  • Lattice for extra coverage
  • Metal arches with delicate designs
What are some features of garden trellises?

These garden trellises come in a variety of colors so it will be easy to choose one to match your décor. Some can be expanded into fencing, while others can be pieced together to make wider trellises. Some have decorative designs like leaves or birds welded into them, and others are neutral and can be painted to your liking. Many have hooks or ledges to attach climbing plant limbs. They all come with spikes on the bottom so that they can easily be pushed into the ground.

Choosing the right garden trellis for you

Choosing the right garden trellis highly depends on your personal preferences. If you prefer a natural look, a wooden trellis is a great option. Since some plastic trellises incorporate artificial plants into their design, they can be a complement when correctly matched to some of your plants in your landscape. Iron or steel trellises are decorative and evoke a fancier feeling.