Garden Tool Racks and Organisers

Fed up of searching around in the shed for hours looking for the tool you need? Tired of spending every bank holiday ‘clearing out the garage' only for it to end up just as messy and chaotic just a few weeks later? Then it's time to get yourself organised with garden tool racks and organisers.

Everything in its Place

With the right choice of garden tool rack, you can find a place for everything and make sure everything is kept in place. That way you'll never have to dig around for your spade again, and you'll find that fork first time, every time.

Taking Care of Your Tools

Not only do garden tool racks keep everything organised, they protect your tools too. So there'll be no more tangled cables from your strimmer and mower, and no more dirty handles or blunt blades on your tools.

A Wide Range of Racks

You can choose from simple hook style tool racks, or choose clip-in racks that grip your tools. You can also choose whether you want your tool rack to be wall mounted or free standing. Two tier tool racks will hold both your hand tools, like trowels and hand forks, as well as your larger tools like spades and rakes. Some garden tool racks even have drawers for all those little extras, or racks of open buckets to save you searching for what you want.

Take your Tools out of the Shed

Another way to keep your tools handy and well organised is to take them out of your main shed or garage completely and move them into a dedicated tool shed. These compact units fit discretely in a corner of your garden and hold all your essential gardening tools, well away from all those half-empty tins of paint and broken bicycles.

With your garden tools properly organised, you'll be able to do so much more with your time, finding the right tool fast when you need it.