Garden & Patio Fencing, Privacy Screens & Gates

Sturdy garden fencing supplies

Installing shiny new fences, or fixing up damaged ones, can really make a huge difference to your garden. Not only do they offer a fresh new look, they mean plenty of privacy too. When it comes to choosing the right fencing supplies, you'll be able to browse a huge selection in this range and pick up just the thing to get the job done.

Fence posts

The main three types of fence posts are made of either timber, concrete or metal. Timber fence posts come in a variety of lengths, and you'll be able to find treated softwoods like pine or larch, as well as hardwood options.

Metal posts lend themselves to chain link or plastic fences as they're incredibly strong. Similarly, concrete fence posts are designed for very heavy duty tasks as they won't rot or degrade.

Choose from square, round, half round and flat fence posts, so you can get the look you're going for with your new fence, or so you can easily match the other existing posts if you're looking for replacements.

Fence panels

Wooden overlap fence panels are some of the most common fence panels available, as they are easy to erect and can be customised by painting or staining to get the look you want. You could also go for a half-height fence in a picket style for a classic country look, or create a tranquil environment with some bamboo fence panels.

There are also metal fences available, from heavy-duty chain link fences to beautifully crafted wrought iron fence panels, so you can get exactly the look you want in your garden.

Garden gates

You might also need a gate to go with your new fencing, and you'll find plenty to choose from in this range. From half height to full height garden gates, in a range of materials like wood and metal, there's bound to be the perfect finishing touch to your fence set up here.