Garden Hand Tools & Equipment

Garden Hand Tools & Equipment

Every gardener, whether a keen enthusiast or professional horticulturist, requires a hardwearing selection of garden hand tools and equipment to get the job done.

Choosing the right garden hand tool for the job

  • Investment purchase – High quality garden tools are designed to withstand all manner of weather conditions and arduous outdoor tasks. Provided that you clean and look after your garden hand tools with care they should last you many years
  • Ideal choice – To ensure that you do the task properly it’s important to select the right garden hand tool for the job. Whilst many tools can be used for a variety of purposes using the specifically designed tool will make the work easier

Types of garden hand tools and equipment

  • Secateurs and pruners – These tools concentrate on precision cutting and trimming
  • Shovels and spades – Shovels and spades are the hardest working tools in the garden. These tools are typically made from durable, heat treated carbon steel and are designed to scoop up, dig and turf up the dirt
  • Rakes – A stainless steel standard rake is exactly the tool that you need to scrape up and collect leaves, grass and hay
  • Shears – Shears are designed to trim and cut branches and twigs. Many heavy-duty models are telescopic and extendable
  • Wheelbarrows and carts – Wheelbarrows, garden trolleys and carts are ideal for transporting garden materials like soil, and waste items like hedge trimmings and grass cuttings. Utility wagons that collapse and fold after use are also available
  • Complete hand tool kit – Get young children interested in gardening by giving them their own miniature set of handy garden tools
  • Leaf grabbers – These oversized plastic ‘hands’ make light work of gathering up handfuls of scattered leaves
  • Other equipment – Additional equipment like a lopping blade, pruning saw and hose clips are always useful to have around.