Garden Antiques

Garden antiques for outdoor charm

Add a touch of retro style to your home with garden antiques. From decorative statues to ornate storage pieces, there's something to suit every type and size of garden. Dot these antiques throughout your garden to pique your guests' interests and lead them on a trail, or hide them behind dangling branches to create an overgrown style. 

Antique planters

Place your beautiful trees, flowers and bushes in antique planters to add some charm to the natural beauty. A large hexagon planter in bronze is great for bigger plants or trees. The bronze tone makes for a retro-finish whilst a detailed design around the outside of the planter draws the eye. 

Or join the upcycling craze and use an old garden cart to store smaller plants. The rusted, rough finish works well in the garden whilst the wheels and pulley are still fully functional. 

Turn a large cauldron into a planter. Made with a cast iron effect, this eye-catching piece works well with brightly colored flowers. 

Antique garden ornaments

Celebrate British history with retro Royal Mail post box. Made from cast iron in a bright red color, this piece catches the eye and is instantly recognisable. This piece is fully functional. 

With a slot for post and an opening door, this piece adds style and function to your garden. Build this unit into a wall to make for a trendy postbox, or stand it in your back garden as a stylish storage unit. 

An antique water pump creates a farm-theme in your garden. Coming with a pipe so you can hook it up to your water mains, it's fully functional. Pair this cast iron garden antique with a metal milk churn to further add to the farmer style. 

Or add some extra seating to your garden with a cast iron antique garden bench in a simple white design, perfect for putting under a tree or canopy.