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Furby Boom

The Furby Boom by Hasbro is an adorable, interactive plush toy that learns to speak English as you talk to it. Furbies seem to come to life as you pet, tickle, and feed them, and you can even change the way they behave according to how you treat them. The free Furby Boom app takes play to the next level with games to unlock, virtual eggs to collect, and Furblings to watch as they hatch and grow, creating a whole new generation.

How do you connect the Furby to the app?

  • Download the free Furby Boom app to your smartphone or tablet
  • Follow the easy instructions in the Furby Boom app to fill in information
  • When the app instructs you to scan the Furby Boom, point the speaker at the toy and wait for it to connect
  • Pick a name for the Furby by scrolling through a list
  • After your Furby Boom recognizes its name, you can play games, collect Furblings, and have fun
  • For quickest results when syncing the toy with the app, turn off other apps running in the background, turn the volume up, and position the phone or tablet very close to the front of the toy, tilted up slightly

What all can the Furby Boom do?

Furbies can remember their name and learn to speak English and Furbish. Furbies can also change their personality five different ways and respond to interaction in many different ways.

How do you make the Furby turn evil?

To put your Furby in the evil Gremlin mode, you need to overfeed it by holding down its tongue for a while as you make it eat. You can tell when it has turned by the evil look in its eyes and the change in its voice.

I want Furby Boom to be sweet again. What do I do?

Just play it some music. It might twitch a little and shout a few things in Furbish, but then it will settle down, sway to the beat, and change back into a darling little Furby again.

How do you reset the Furby Boom?

  • Remove the base
  • Find the little button on the bottom close to where the batteries go
  • Press the button and hold it in for about 60 seconds and then release
  • Finish resetting by putting the base back on

How many batteries does the Furby Boom use?

The Furby Boom uses 6 AA batteries.

Who invented the Furby and how long did it take?

Dave Hampton and Caleb Chung invented the Furby. They spent a year and a half designing and creating the toy. Furbies are made by the Hasbro brand.

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