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Ford F-150 Fuel Pumps

Whether your Ford F-150 truck uses gas, diesel, or E85 ethanol, the fuel pump is an essential part of running your engine. Your truck's performance and fuel economy can suffer from a faulty fuel pump that needs to be replaced. No matter what type of fuel pump your truck needs, there's a high-quality part for you.

What is a fuel pump?

A fuel pump is an instrument or tool within your Ford F-150 truck that pumps fuel to your engine. This fuel drives your motor and your vehicle. These parts can be found in both carburetor and fuel-injected vehicles though most contemporary automobiles use fuel-injected engines.

Fuel pumps can be located in various areas of the car, depending on the model. Pumps for carburetor vehicles are usually found on the exterior of the fuel tank whereas pumps for fuel-injected engines are typically found on the interior of the fuel tank.

What are the main types of pumps?

The two main types of pumps are determined by the type of engine they are running on. Older Ford models may use mechanical versions while contemporary Ford gasoline, diesel, and E85 ethanol Ecoboost cars may use electric versions. These types can be classified and sorted as the following:

  • Mechanical: These types are driven by distributor shafts or camshafts. They move fuel from the tank into a float chamber in the carburetor, but not with a specified pressure. This means that this type consumes more fuel and decreases your mpgs.
  • Electric: These types work at a specified pressure that is required for the injection, which means less fuel consumption and better mpgs. These create less resistance in your Ford.
When should you replace this part in your F-150?

There is no recommended time for replacing or changing your F-150 fuel pump. If your pump is not working properly, however, you'll not only reduce your fuel economy and mpgs, but it could also cause failure in the engine-start. Common symptoms of the fuel pump requiring replacement in your Ford F-150 include noticeable leaks and fuel-tank-noises, the appearance of a check-engine light, or engine-power loss or engine-start difficulty.

What pumps can you find for your Ford?

You can find many kinds of fuel pumps for your Ford pickup truck. Whether your Ford F-150 is gasoline, E85 ethanol Flex Fuel, or diesel-run, there's a fuel pump that can optimize your motor's performance and fuel economy. They can be made of many various materials like synthetic rubber, sheet steel, aluminum, iron, stainless steel, or even gold. Fuel pumps can be sold as OEM or aftermarket products and as individual parts, sets, or kits. Each part can be categorized by its pressure, voltage, and horsepower specifications. These parts are specifically designed for your Ford F-150.