Fox Shocks

The Mixed Use of Fox Shocks

Comfort, snow, or off-road racing may be your sole focus when looking for reliable shock absorbers. Patented Fox shocks are engineered to make rugged terrain something of a smooth experience. Consider the shocks listed on eBay for diverting pressure to decrease damage and to eliminate the bumps you feel in your vehicle. 

Can you drive without shock absorbers? 

The springs in your car aren’t enough to divert energy in order to truly stop road impacts. Shock absorbers take the impact of your wheels and then sends that pressure somewhere else. If the pressure is held at the wheels, then it goes to your chassis. When this happens, you can end up with a rougher ride, feeling every little detail of the road. Minimizing these impacts is possible with affordable Fox shocks that collect energy to then dissipate it. 

Why shocks actually work for your vehicle 

Fox shocks, priced for a range of budgets, are most suitable for off-roading. As you browse the affordable new and used options on eBay, you may find the following features to help you gain a competitive edge:  

  • Zinc-plated: The zinc plate keeps the exterior of these shocks from rusting or being damaged by superficial scratches.
  • Tempered stainless steel: The steel is treated for high temperatures. Racing may put your wheelbase through ongoing tension, and the more work these parts do, the more energy they absorb. Treated steel keeps the temps down.
  • Dampening: Shocks use a cylinder and piston to absorb impacts. This is the science achieved to dampen every load taken.
  • Compression valves: Compression valves are created with different diameters, built-in springs, or hydraulic fluids; you can decide what fits your vehicle.
  • Race series: The race series from the brand is ideal for off-roading whether it be in the desert or the mountains. These shocks are intended for the competitive driver.

Types of Fox Shocks 

There are many types of packaged Fox shocks, including:  

  • 19-inch travel: Getting the depth you need is possible with a potential 19-inch cylinder for heavy loads. See the manufacturer site for details.
  • Universal: Universal shocks are suitable for all uses and give amateur drivers the chance to use pro-racing shocks for daily commutes.
  • Rear and front: Decide if you need front or rear assemblies because you can buy one set or both.
  • Mountain bikes: Shocks for competitive mountain biking are also produced by this brand.
  • Brand-specific: You can search for Fox shocks based on the model of car you drive and its year.

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