Have Fun Cooking and Selling Meals with Food Trucks

Food trucks have roared into popularity in recent years, with several varieties of them located along the streets in various cities and featuring numerous food offerings. Not just a sandwich or ice cream vendor anymore, these trucks are serving as an expression of their owners' creative cookery.

What are food trucks?

Food trucks are vehicles that are set up to cook and sell food in a commercial endeavor. Some trucks sell prepackaged food, others have prepared food they cook in an installed kitchen, and some trucks prepare food from scratch and cook it from their on-board kitchens. These trucks are driven from a home location to events or their service areas.

How can you get licensed for a food truck?

Many new or secondhand models of food trucks are available on eBay if you would like to operate one. Contact the health department for information on health codes and food vendor licenses you will need in order to do so. You may obtain a business license at your city hall or the city clerk's office. Contact your local tax office for tax permit information.

Where can you place a food truck?

Check your local zoning and automobile regulations before choosing a spot to park your truck. Do not set up in "no parking" zones, private property, or in front of bus stops, crosswalks, and fire hydrants. You can stay in food truck parks if you have leased a spot, and you can set up on the street in front of parks and office buildings. Some municipalities allow food trucks in metered spaces. Festivals and other events are good locations and can be a way to promote your truck.

What types of food can you have on a food truck?

You can sell any type of food you want on your food truck, but you should consider these popular existing food trucks for inspiration:

  • The Taco Truck - You can get your Mexican street food fix in Hoboken, New Jersey with menu items such as Al Pastor tacos and Aguacate Tacos that were developed with the help of chefs in Mexico.
  • Mac Mart - Famous for its seven-cheese mac with a potato chip panko crunch topping, it also offers BBQ in a Bowl and Crabby Mac.
  • Luke's Lobster - Authentic lobster rolls and other tasty lobster cuisine are the main draw of these food trucks in New York City.
  • Kogi BBQ - This food truck in Los Angeles was the forerunner of the current food truck movement and serves a fusion of Korean and Mexican fare such as spicy pork tacos and kimchi quesadillas.
  • Cinnamon Snail - This vegan food truck at Penn Station in New York City serves varied dishes such as Korean BBQ, burgers, bowls, and pastries.