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Food & Beverage Gift Cards

Restaurant gift cards are often considered a good gift for co-workers and family members, especially for those who travel a lot. Even if you eat out or travel a lot, using a gift card will keep you from having to carry around extra cash or credit cards with you while you travel. Most restaurant chains will accept a gift card at locations around the country.

What is a gift card?

A gift card, also called a gift voucher or gift certificate, is a card that has a pre-paid value stored on it. Usually issued by a specific retailer or restaurant, the card can be used as an alternative for cash and functions similar to a credit or debit card. However, no debt is acquired from using one as it is like using cash. With some cards, if you don't use up the whole amount at one time, you may have a balance on it and can use it again.

What is the typical amount on a restaurant gift card?

Most restaurant cards begin with an amount of around $25 and go up incrementally to around $100, but there are some that offer a bigger or smaller amount. A fast food gift card may be as low as $5, and these are often bundled together in a pack.

Do grocery stores have gift cards?

Many grocery chains have gift cards available that you can use when purchasing groceries or beverages. You can find them for grocery chains such as Whole foods or for a pharmacy like CVS.

Can you use a gift card and cash?

Most restaurants will allow you to use a gift card and cash in the same transaction. If your order is above the balance, most will accept cash to cover the remaining amount due. You can also use cash to tip your server rather than place the tip on the gift card.

Do restaurant gift cards expire?

Unlike traditional gift certificates, gift cards often do not expire; however, there are some that do. To find out if the card expires, look on the back of the card as any terms and conditions will be described there. Some may charge a fee for inactivity after a certain number of years.

How do you check the balance on a restaurant gift card?

Many businesses will have a link to check the balance on their website. If there is not a link to check the balance on the website, look on the back of the card, and there will be a toll-free number to call to find the gift card balance. You may have to scratch off an area to obtain a pin number so that you can retrieve the balance.