Focal Speakers

A Quick Buying Guide for Focal Speakers

Whether you're shopping for a home entertainment system or new speakers for your car, sound quality is essential. If you want top-notch audio fidelity and first-rate acoustics, you can choose from the large selection on eBay as it won't take long to find a speaker system that catches your eye. Focal has been designing innovative audio equipment for decades, and the brand offers a wide variety of speakers, including high-fidelity speakers, home theater speakers, multimedia and wireless speakers, and monitoring speakers.

What is the high-fidelity speaker product line?

High-fidelity Focal speakers are designed for use in the home. They're equipped with unique technologies that optimize acoustics and harmonic richness. Below are some common products:

  • Utopia III - Most Utopia III high-fidelity speakers are four-way floor-standing loudspeakers. They use Neutral Inductance Circuit technology and TMD suspension to improve the mid-range register.
  • Sopra - The Sopra line offers three-way loudspeakers with multiple woofers, which ensures these speakers offer solid, defined bass notes.
  • Kanta - These Hi-Fi speakers provide precise sound thanks to a unique combination of technologies, including Flax, IAL3 tweeters, and Beryllium.
  • Sub - You can further enhance sound quality with Focal's line of high-fidelity subwoofers. They're equipped with Flax membrane bass speaker cones and Dual Magnet drivers to maximize power and produce distortion-free sound.
What is the home theater product line?

Focal's home theater product line brings cinematic sound into the living room. Products include:

  • Dome - The Dome cinema system offers super-realistic sound, thanks to Dolby Atmos compatibility and 3D sound. Most Dome systems come with five or more speakers, which include satellite loudspeakers, in-ceiling loudspeakers, and subwoofers.
  • Sib Evo - The Sib Evo system is composed of multiple loudspeakers, which are topped with Dolby Atmos-enabled speaker drivers. This setup results in vertical and horizontal sound waves.
What does the multimedia and wireless line offer?

These discreet, miniature speakers pack plenty of sound into tiny packages. Products include:

  • Dome miniature speakers - Dome mini speakers are equipped with Polyglass cone woofers and Flax technology to enhance dynamics and precision.
  • Sib - Mini Sib speakers are two-way bass-reflex loudspeakers that can be mounted on the floor, wall, or furniture.
What monitoring speakers does Focal offer?

Focal's monitoring speakers are designed for audio professionals. These speakers are intended for use in post-production studios and radio studios, and they're equipped with the latest in audio technology. Options include:

  • SM9 - This monitoring loudspeaker houses two speakers in one cabinet, which allows it to accurately reproduce the details of incoming audio signals.
  • Shape - These Focal speakers are designed for near-field monitoring.
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