Fluke Networks

Fluke Networks

Fluke Networks offers solutions for testing and certifying electrical wiring as well as networking data and telecommunications lines. Fluke multimeters have been a staple in the toolboxes of pros for many years and have withstood the test of time.

What is the difference between an analog and digital multimeter?

The primary difference between an analog and digital multimeter is that the analog multimeter uses a needle on a gauge to display the results while a digital multimeter displays the current results as a numeric value on a digital screen. Both digital and analog multimeters provide equally precise measurements of the current, voltage, and frequency.

What are multimeters used for?

Networking pros use these handheld devices for testing and repairing electronic systems and electrical installations. The user can test and measure voltage, current, and frequency in circuits with either an analog or digital multimeter. They may also be used to view resistance and capacitance for components in a circuit board.

Which Fluke Networks device is used to test network cables?

Fluke makes equipment that may be used to test all types of networking wiring infrastructure. Which specific device is needed depends on the type of network cables you are testing and the specific testing results desired. Fluke Networks meters can be used to identify where a specific cable terminates or check the quality and capacity of fiber optic lines.

What does each Fluke Networks cable testing product do?

Each Fluke Networks device serves a specific purpose. For example:

  • A Fluke tone generator or toner and probe kit is typically used to identify both ends of a cable on a live network. This is especially useful when tracking a cable that may be hundreds of meters long and run between different floors or buildings.
  • A Fluke Networks multimeter or digital multimeter is used to test electrical circuits or electronics. They can measure current and voltage, and a meter can be used to verify that capacitors or resistors on a circuit board are working within specifications.
  • Optical scanners enable today's networking pros to test their fiber optic lines. Fluke offers meters for testing both single-mode and multi-mode fiber optic cables.
  • Fluke Network microscanners may be used to verify the functionality of voice, data, and video network cables. For wires with lengths near or over the meter limit specified by their rating, the microscanner may be able to verify that the wire will function as desired.
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