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Pontiac Vibe Floor Mats & Carpets

You love your Vibe, and floor mats, liners, carpets, and other flooring solutions are a great way to protect and smarten your interior. There are many custom mats to choose from ranging from all-weather to high-end accents. Select the color, texture, design, and material that are just right for you and your Pontiac Vibe.

Which brands make Pontiac Vibe floor mats?

Some floor mats for your Pontiac Vibe are OEM or original equipment manufacturer. That means that Pontiac or General Motors manufactured the floor mats or licensed the company that did. These OEM mats are just like the ones sold with your Vibe or were at least available as an option. There are also many floor mats made for the Pontiac Vibe by third parties, such as:

  • Covercraft
  • Husky Liners
  • Motor Trend
  • WeatherTech
  • Lloyd NorthRidge
Is OEM necessary for a precise fit?

No. While you can expect OEM floor mats for the Pontiac Vibe to deliver an exact fit, non-OEM Pontiac Vibe floor mats aren’t necessarily of an imprecise size or of a lesser quality. There are generally three broad classes of floor mats for the Pontiac Vibe and most vehicles.

  • Custom: Floor mats are designed for your vehicle’s exact make, model, year, and trim.
  • Semi-custom: Floor mats are made for a range of similarly sized cars, such as the Pontiac Vibe and Pontiac G6.
  • Universal: Mats are intended to fit all vehicles that lack any unusual flooring characteristics.
What is the difference between mats, liners, and carpets?

Carpets are designed to blend in with your Pontiac Vibe interior while protecting the original upholstery and can be like either floor mats or liners in terms of size and purpose. Pontiac Vibe floor mats and liners are similar with the main difference being that floor mats usually cover a smaller area and liners tend to compensate for the undulations of the interior. Note that some brands will mix and match or interchange these terms depending on the particular product.

Are Pontiac Vibe floor mats available based on model?

Yes. If a brand sells custom floor mats for the Pontiac Vibe, then you can filter the available products based on year, trim, and any other special designations. Note that this is usually true for semi-custom floor mats as well. Select the Pontiac Vibe, year, and so forth, and you can filter products based on those that fit the particular class for your vehicle.

Are these floor mats available based on dimensions?

Absolutely. Whether you’re purchasing carpet or a rubber all-weather mat for your Pontiac Vibe, you can simply measure the length and the width, and purchase accordingly. If your original or current Pontiac Vibe mats have an irregular shape, perform the measurements at the largest points.