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Nissan Xterra Floor Mats and Carpets

Choosing the right floor mats for your Xterra can enhance its aesthetic and reduce wear. With a modest investment, you will reap substantial rewards from these SUV customization parts. From liquid catching channels to embroidered logos, you will appreciate the protection and style Nissan floor mats offer.

What are the types of floor mats for Nissan Xterra?

You will find numerous Nissan Xterra floor mats to suit your driving environment and unique style. Individuals who live in damp climates will need different floor mats from individuals living in dry climates. Similarly, a person who commutes alone may not need the same level of protection from these accessory parts as a person who carpools. Check out the options for your vehicle below.

  • Xterra rubber floor mats: Durable and easy to clean, rubber floor mats can endure the abuse of accidental messes and weather-related elements. Rubber mats draw moisture away from feet and keep liquids from reaching the floorboard.
  • Xterra carpet floor mats: Suited for dry climates and light use, carpet floor mats offer softness and comfort. A weatherproof coating keeps moisture from reaching the floorboard. As a bonus, the thick carpet floor mats help minimize road noise while driving your Nissan Xterra.
  • Xterra all-weather floor mats: Made of thick rubber-like materials, Xterra all-weather mats offer superior protection. They are ideal for drivers who experience dramatic weather changes. The mats feature deep grooves to scrape the gunk off footwear and trap moisture and dirt.
What are the benefits of using Nissan Xterra floor mats?

Floor mats designed for the Nissan Xterra offer a custom fit. They prevent weather elements and drink spills from ruining your carpet. Also, they help keep your floors spotless, helping to maintain the value of your Nissan. Other benefits of using Nissan mats include the following:

  • Prevent shoe friction damage
  • Keep road salt from damaging the vehicle's floorboard
  • Protect the floor from discoloration caused by ultraviolet rays
Which companies manufacture Nissan Xterra floor mats?

You will find a variety of Nissan floor mats from trustworthy brands like Weathertech, Lloyd Mats, and Husky Liners. The features vary, but each design offers a custom fit for your Nissan Xterra. For example, Weathertech specializes in all-weather floor mats. Lloyd Mats offers carpet and rubber covers in a variety of colors and styles to match or customize your vehicle. Husky Liners creates rugged designs. Take a closer look below.

  • Weathertech mats: A well-known manufacturer of all-weather mats, Weathertech's covers contain a durable compound material. The custom mats are odorless and resistant to curls and cracks. Deep grooves and raised rims prevent moisture from seeping to the Nissan's floorboard.
  • Lloyd mats: The company manufactures custom mats using both carpet and rubber materials. They offer a wide selection of colors for your Nissan Xterra. Plus, they feature deep wells or channels to retain liquid.
  • Husky liners: From rain-soaked shoes to snow-caked boots, Husky Nissan mats can withstand it all. They are made of rugged materials and feature high rims and ridges to keep fluids and dirt from damaging your floor.