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Lexus RX330 Floor Mats and Carpets

Floor mats and carpets can be placed in a variety of areas throughout your Lexus RX330 model as a means of protecting the car floor. These mats come in a wide array of different materials, from carpet to rubber, allowing you to select the right ones for your lifestyle. Mats are manufactured by numerous brands, including Husky Liners, Lloyd Mats, and Intro-Tech Automotive.

What are the different types of Lexus floor mats?

There are a wide variety of different floor mats and materials to choose from.

  • Rubber: This material is tough and durable and provides a non-slip surface when wet. Due to the way in which it is constructed, a rubber mat will trap all dirt and water particles, allowing you to quickly clean them whenever too much of these substances have accumulated. They are simple to clean with soap and water and usually come in black, gray, or tan.
  • Carpet: These floor mats are designed with a wide range of colors at your disposal so that the mats can be matched to the interior of your Lexus RX330. This material will trap dirt and other substances within its fibers in order to keep them from reaching the car floor. These can also be made with a variety of different logos etched onto the material and usually come with rubber backing.
  • All-weather: These typically consist of numerous materials and are designed specifically to be used in damper conditions in the event that you track a lot of snow and rain into your vehicle. These mats are usually built with ridges in order to keep dirt and debris out of your SUV.
What are some floor mat colors?

These floor mats can be found in a vast array of different color options, providing you with the means of selecting ones that match the interior coloring of your Lexus RX330. The most common colors for these items include black and tan, although gray, clear, brown, red, and silver options are also commonly found.

How do you clean floor mats?

There are a variety of ways in which you can clean your floor mats, which you might want to consider doing occasionally in order to get rid of any of the accumulated dirt and water. If you want to do a quick clean, the dry cleaning method starts with the scraping of dust and dirt off of the mat with a portable vacuum or scrub brush. You can also beat them against a hard object in order to remove some of the loose dirt. If there are still some deeper stains present within the carpet or rubber material, consider power washing them with a pressure washer or hose after scrubbing them with soap and water or carpet cleaner. No matter which cleaning method you decide to employ, you should always hang them out to dry before putting them back into your Lexus.