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Kia Sportage Floor Mats and Carpets

Keep the interior of your Kia Sportage as pristine as possible with floor mats and carpets. These interior accessories provide cushioning and traction while protecting your cabin floor from exposure to the elements, dirt, and mud. Here are five basic questions and answers about the Kia Sportage floor mats and carpets.

What gives the Kia Sportage floor mats durability?

Kia Sportage floor mats are made of either rubber or vinyl. The former may be the product of latex or it may be synthetic. Both natural and synthetic are impermeable, resisting the ingression of fluids. Also, rubber creates traction naturally, preventing slippage and its dense but flexible texture helps it stand up to abuse.

Vinyl, which is another form of polyvinyl chloride or PVC, is the same PVC used in construction. PVC contains plasticizers in varying amounts for enhanced flexibility and strength. It also withstands high and low temperatures and does not hold water, dust, or debris.

What materials are the Kia Sportage carpets made of?

Nonwoven fabric suede and polyurethane leather or PU leather are two commonly used materials in Kia Sportage carpets. Nonwoven fabric suede consists of bonded web or sheet structures, resulting in a high tensile strength and silky smooth, seamless texture resistant to all weather.

PU leather is a synthetic leather typically boasting a degree of thermoplastic elastomers or TPE, a type of rubber, and cross-linked polyethylene or XPE. The former ingredient imparts elasticity and longevity while the latter absorbs shock. The result is a faux leather that feels and behaves like real leather, cushions your feet, and withstands abuse in both extremely cold and hot weather.

What Kia Sportage mats and carpet sets are available?

Sets of mats consist of one to five pieces. Single mats or carpets may be for the front, rear, or cargo area of your Kia Sportage. The other sets may contain the following:

  • Two piece: Two front mats or carpets.
  • Three-piece sets: Two front mats and a one-piece for the rear.
  • Four-piece sets: Two front mats and two for the rear.
  • Five-piece sets: Two front mats, two rear, and a backseat floor liner.
What are the color choices for Kia Sportage floor mats?

Naturally, the color black predominates. Black floor mats match nearly any trim, and some experts say the color black masks abuse, wear, and stains. Black is also a useful option if you're grabbing floor mats for a gift and don't know the color/trim of the recipient's Kia Sportage.

Fortunately, there are many other hues to choose from. Available colors vary seasonally, but a few recent examples are included.

  • Red, Pink, Purple, Burgundy, Yellow, Orange
  • Blue, Brown, Tan, Green
  • Grey, White, Clear
  • Gold, Silver
  • Multicolored
Are these floor mats factory-made to fit Kia Sportage?

These mats are factory-made to fit your Kia Sportage and other similar vehicles. You'll see products labeled universal car, which means they fit a wide range of cars and SUVs, including the Sportage. Note: Car floor mats are mainly aftermarket accessories, so your choices include aftermarket brands, Original Equipment Manufacturers or OEM, and Kia.

Although Kia products are officially designed for your Sportage, aftermarket and OEM products present diverse, interesting, economic features and benefits you may want to take advantage of, such as deep dish, fireproofing, and easy to clean.