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Kia Optima Floor Mats and Carpets

Whether it's mud and rocks in the summer or snow and salt in the winter, there's always something that's sticking to your shoes to track into your Kia Optima. Though durable, the floor in your Kia Optima will have a hard time withstanding this constant abuse for the life of your vehicle. That's why having high-quality floor mats for your Kia Optima is vitally important.

How do you choose the floor mats for an Optima?

Which floor mats you choose for your Kia Optima depends on factors relating to your driving habits and location. There are a variety of different original equipment manufacturer, or OEM, mats as well as aftermarket mats available, designed to meet the varying needs of different drivers.

  • Climate: If you drive your Kia Optima in a moderate climate, regular carpet floor mats may be a good choice for you. If you live in an area that sees a lot of harsh weather, either in winter or summer, you may want to consider selecting either generic or custom-made all-weather floor mats or liners.
  • Demand: If you frequent areas with a lot of dust and dirt in your Optima, such as construction sites or outdoor areas, all-weather mats are important to consider. If you have a more indoors-focused job, light-duty or carpet floor mats may meet your needs.
  • Frequency: If you don't drive very often in your Kia Optima, carpet floor mats will look better for longer while still closely matching the interior of your vehicle. If you drive frequently for work or pleasure, more durable all-weather floor mats may be better-suited to stand up to the constant wear-and-tear of you placing your feet in the foot well.
How do you maintain floor mats in a Kia Optima?

Maintaining your Kia Optima's floor mats is a crucial step to ensuring they provide you with many years of protection.

  • Clean Around Them: When you have your floor mats out of your Kia Optima, be sure to clean the carpet in the foot wells before re-installing the mats. While it's true that many mats cover up the carpet so well you'd never notice it was dirty, leaving dirt and small rocks on your carpet with mats on top of it allows that debris to become embedded, thus, damaging your Kia Optima.
  • Clean All Sides: It's fairly easy to remember to clean the top of your Kia Optima's floor mats. After all, that's the surface where you see the dirt accumulate day after day. Cleaning the bottoms of the them, though, is just as important to ensure you don't re-introduce any dirt or small rocks back into the vehicle cabin when you reinstall the mats.
  • Protect Them: Whether your Kia Optima's mats are made from carpet, vinyl, or rubber, there is a product out there to protect that material. Protecting your car's floor mats lengthens their life by resisting some of the daily wear-and-tear and makes the mats easier for you to clean when that time comes again.