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Ford Edge Floor Mats

The Ford Edge is a rugged SUV. Having floor mats will allow you to keep the interior of your car clean and looking good. Understanding the options for floor liners will help you to choose the right ones.

Do floor mats come standard?

Depending on the trim level of your Ford Edge, you may have basic floor liners come standard. These are generally rubber or vinyl mats that are placed in the driver's and front passenger's seats. You may then want to upgrade to carpet for a more luxurious appearance.

Do the sizes vary?

The sizes of Ford Edge floor mats are going to vary based on the model year as well as the location of the floor mats inside the SUV. There are driver's side and passenger's side mats. There are backseat mats that can be an individual carpet in front of each seat or one long mat that fits across the entire backseat floor. There are also cargo area mats, and they fit across the back so that you have a liner in place before putting anything in the cargo area.

What are the color options?

You can choose the same color as your interior or another color that complements what's in place. Available colors include the following:

  • Black
  • Gray
  • Brown
  • Red
  • Blue
What is OEM?

OEM is an abbreviation for Original Equipment Manufacturer. Some manufacturers design products and parts specifically for Ford vehicles, which is then marketed by Ford as their own. When you're looking for floor liners, you can choose to go with OEM so that it is comparable to what you would get at the dealership. You can also choose to get an aftermarket design that will fit your vehicle and give your vehicle a look different from standard.

How do you shop for floor mats?

There are a few things to explore when you shop for floor mats to ensure you get what you need for your Ford Edge.

  • Set: You can choose to get a set of mats that are placed throughout the vehicle.
  • Fit: Find out how the mats fit into place, such as if there's a hook or a hole to go over a post on the floor.
  • Features: Some carpets have an array of features, such as being all-weather or machine washable to keep them looking good all year long.
  • Rubber backing: Some Ford Edge floor mats have rubber on the back of the carpeting to be a catch-all for moisture.
  • Brand: Review the brand of the mats, as each will offer their own unique styles.