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Chevrolet Impala Floor Mats and Carpets

The floor mats and covering in your Chevy work hard. No matter what you have on your shoes when you come in, the rugged mats and covering work together to wick moisture away, so you don't end up with wet and cold feet. This tough job requires even tougher parts, so ensuring you select the right covering components for your Chevrolet's floor is important to your comfort while driving.

What types of floor mats are available for an Impala?

As an element that's more crucial to the appearance of your car than the safety, the aftermarket parts provide a wide variety of different types of mats for your Impala's floor. Everything from original equipment manufacturer, or OEM, mats to custom, heavy-duty floor liners can be found to match your specific style and needs.

  • OEM mats: These mats are cut to perfectly match the contours of your car's foot wells. Carpet mats provide a great look under normal driving conditions whereas all-weather mats provide tough protection against harsh weather conditions.
  • Aftermarket generic heavy-duty mats: These mats are cut to fit a wide range of vehicle foot wells and to provide adequate coverage.
  • Aftermarket customized all-weather liners: Like OEM mats, these liners are custom-cut to match your Impala's specific shape. The edges of the liners reach up to cover the sides of your foot wells, providing total protection.
What types of carpet are available for an Impala?

If you haven't been using floor mats in your car, or if you bought your Impala pre-owned and the previous owner didn't use floor mats, chances are the constant wear and tear has worn out some areas of the covering. Many people don't realize that you can replace the covering in your car, and you have a few options to do so.

These carpets come pre-molded to match the contours of your vehicle's foot wells, ensuring an easy installation. You can select from a covering that has been removed from another vehicle, or you can purchase a new aftermarket covering. If you buy new, you can select the color and thickness of the covering you purchase, allowing you to customize the look of your vehicle while also getting fresh covering.

How do you replace the carpet on a Chevrolet Impala?

Although many of the major components in your Impala rest on the covering, the process isn't all that difficult or complicated.

  1. Unhook and remove the front and rear seats.
  2. Remove the trim around the doors and side pillars that holds the flooring in place.
  3. Remove the old carpet, and lay it on top of the new carpet to cut notches for any cut outs that will need to be made later.
  4. Put the new flooring in, and work it into place to follow the contours of the vehicle.
  5. Cut the flooring for the seat attachment points and any edge trim connections.
  6. Finally, once the carpet has been stretched and tightened, re-install and re-connect the seats and edge trim.