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Chevrolet Corvette Floor Mats to Protect Carpets

Floor mats help to protect the interior floor and improve the aesthetics of your Chevrolet Corvette. Protection for the factory carpeting in your C6 Corvette, Z06, or other models can make your car stand out. It's important to consider the size, style, and level of protection you need when selecting mats for your Corvette.

What are Chevrolet Corvette floor mats made from?

Floor mats are typically made from synthetic materials, fibers, or rubber. There may be grooves, spikes, or other shapes in the floor mats that will capture dirt and water. Mats are made in varying thicknesses and shapes. Lloyd mats, for example, are available in a variety of materials and styles:

  • Luxe
  • Velourtex
  • Berber
  • Classic
What types of Corvette floor mats can you choose from?
  • Vehicle mats: These usually cover the floors in front of the Corvette's driver and passenger seats. They match the interior of the car and often have Corvette emblems on them.
  • Cargo mats: These cover the factory flooring in the trunk of the car. They can be made of plush materials or durable synthetic rubber. These types of floor mats are typically hidden from view in the cargo area. Corvette cargo floor mats generally fit in the trunk.
What kind of mats will fit in a C6 Corvette?

Whether you have a C6 Corvette, C7, or Z06, certain floor mats will only fit certain Corvettes properly. Interior designs are different for each generation and style of the Corvette. For Lloyd mats, it is important to know which type of anchor a C6 Corvette has. One type of C6 Corvette mat may not fit into another C6 Corvette with a different type of anchor.

Why are so many floor mats Lloyd mats?

Lloyd is a widely recognized floor cover manufacturer based in America. Lloyd is a major automotive aftermarket manufacturer of Corvette custom fit floor mats. Lloyd mats are available for all Corvette models made after 1953. Lloyd mats also offer licensed Corvette logo floor mats.

Why are some C6 mat anchors different than others?

The mat anchors were changed in mid-production for the 2007 C6 Corvette model. When looking for a mat for a 2007 C6 Corvette, you need to keep in mind which type you have. There will either be a post or a hook to secure mats in C6 Corvette models.