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BMW Z4 Floor Mats and Carpets

There is no escaping the possibility of tracking mud, snow, or other debris into your BMW. Drivers and passengers may also spill food, drinks, or other material onto the floor of the Z4. With the right BMW Z4 floor mats, it may be easier to clean up.

What colors do BMW Z4 mats come in?

Floor mats and carpets mainly come in either gray or black. If you choose to buy original mats from the factory, you will also be able to purchase them in beige or nylon black as well.

What materials are BMW Z4 mats made from?

Floor mats for the BMW Z4 are made from either rubber or carpet. FlexTough makes a rubber shell mat, which may be preferable for those who have a lot of traffic in and out of their vehicle on a regular basis. Rubber may also be appropriate for those who drive their vehicle in wet or snowy conditions. Carpet, however, may be desirable for those who want a softer look in their Z4.

Is there any branding on the Z4 floor mats?

Some car owners prefer that any mat that they have in their car is as close to the original as possible. One reason may be that a vehicle is worth more with original or OEM components. This may mean having the name of the car or the manufacturer on all its components. Those who purchase an original factory floor mat for the BMW Z4 can purchase products that have Z4 stitched into them. The BMW logo may also appear on Original Equipment Manufacturer or OEM floor mats.

Are mats available for both front and rear BMW spaces?

Mat kits can be purchased that provide floor coverings for the driver seat, passenger side, and rear passenger areas. You may also be possible to purchase front or rear floor mats separately, depending on your needs.

Are BMW Z4 floor mats stain resistant?

Rubber materials are generally designed to make cleaning floor mats easy. In most cases, this can be done with a cloth or with a vacuum. After the surface has been cleaned, there is generally little or no residue or other evidence of previous messes.

Carpeted floor mats may also be designed to prevent staining and to resist moisture. This may reduce the odds that floor mats have unsightly marks on them or produce odors because of moisture that has penetrated the fibers of the carpeting. Ultimately, this may allow for a more comfortable ride while also working to retain the vehicle's overall appearance.