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BMW 325i Floor Mats Carpets

Floor mats and carpets are excellent fits within the interior of your M3. If it is raining outside, mats will make the floor less slippery when you enter your BMW. If you accidentally spill drinks or food in the rear of your vehicle, they will make the mess much easier to clean.

What brands of BMW floor mats are for sale?

There are many brands of custom floor mats designed for carpet. Each has its unique style and parts so you can choose the one that fits your preferences.

  • WeatherTech: WeatherTech produces high-quality, all-weather products. They use advanced technology and interlocking parts for extra resilience. True to their name, these products can withstand any weather conditions.
  • Husky Liners: Husky Liners, an OEM, produces heavy-duty products that weigh more than average mats. These provide effective padding for the carpet.
  • MAXpider: MAXpider mats use a special type of synthetic material. These mats have interweaving fibers that essentially form two overlapping layers.
How do you clean rubber BMW 325i floor mats?

As you drive your BMW 325i, the floor mats will inevitably become dirty. Removing and cleansing floor mats from the BMW is a simple and harmless process.

  • Shake out large objects: Shaking out the floor mat removes any unwanted parts such as grass or pebbles. These are easy to see with the naked eye, so you can simply pick them up with your fingers.
  • Power wash: Next, power wash the floor mat. Use an automatic scrubber to clean the entire surface area. Regular water will not get rid of caked dirt, so make sure to use soapy water.
  • Dry: Drying the rubber mat before reinstalling it is absolutely crucial. A moist mat will attract insects and mildew, two things you definitely do not want in your vehicle. Because the back seat does not get much ventilation, it is hard for the material to dry on its own.
What types of logos are printed on floor mats?

Rubber floor mats can have a lot of functionality and look stylish in the process. Mats with logos are incredible ways to deck out your BMW.

  • Car dealerships: Many rubber floor mats simply have the logo of the car manufacturer. Your BMW comes with these by default. If you need more, head to the dealership.
  • Sports teams: Baseball and football teams often sell custom mats with their mascot or logo.
  • Universities: Buy all-weather floor mats with the logo of your university from the campus bookstore.