Flex Nib Fountain Pens

Use of a flexible fountain pen presents your hand scribed work with a touch of style and panache, which you just don’t get with a ballpoint pen. If you have an interest in calligraphy as a hobby or a profession or are avintage fountain pencollector, you’ll know that fountain pens are smooth flowing and easy to hold and use. Flexible nib fountain pens allow you to skillfully control and vary the line width as you write and are ideal for embellishing the presentation of hand-crafted lettering.

Where Can You Use Flex Nib Fountain Pens?

Many differently shaped fountain pen nibs for a range of uses and techniques have been around since they were first invented to replace feather quills and reed pens a few centuries ago.

  • Decorative writing – decorative writing, from calligraphy to handwritten fonts, usually comes from using softer or flexible nibs. Variations in technique and pressure allow the user to create the different line widths needed. Flexible fountain pen nibs come to the fore in the decorative styled script.
  • General writing – fountain pens for general daily writing, for example, letters, diaries, and documents usually have a hard stub or pointed nib that is more rigid. This creates a more uniform and consistent flow of ink.

What Are the Features of Flex Nib Fountain Pens?

Fountain pens come in a range of sizes and designs. Most modern manufacturers make nibs that will flex. If you're looking for replacement fountain pen nibs, some key points to look for are:

  • Basic widths of flex nibs create the flow ofthe ink that results in the width of lines.
    • Extra-fine (EF) results in a line of approximately 0. 2mm-0. 4mm wide
    • Fine (F) results in a line of approximately 0. 3mm-0. 05 mm wide
    • Medium (M) results in a line of approximately 0. 5mm-0. 8 mm wide
    • Broad or Bold (B) results in a line of approximately 0. 8mm-1. 0 mm wide
  • Durable metals such as gold or stainless steel alloys create the nib, or writing point, at end of the pen.
  • The outer casings of flex nib pens are available in a range of color options. A classic look is black with a gold trim, or silver with a chrome trim.
  • Replacement nibs are available for flex fountain pens including a variety of nib sizes and types
  • Other accessories you may need are ink, clips, paper, and cases.

Who Makes Flex Nib Fountain Pens?

There are many manufacturers of flex nib fountain pens from low cost to luxury. Some of the popular and well-known brands include Lamy and Caran d'Ache, Parkers andNoodlers Calligraphy and Fountain Pensat the lower end of the price range. For vintage fountain pens collectibles, look for brands like Schaeffer, Parker, and Waterman come originally from the USA.