Flame Resistants

Get Protected with Flame Resistant Clothing

Whether for your company, your family, or yourself, incorporating the proper flame resistant wear can be a vital step in keeping yourself and those you care for safe and protected. Flame resistant clothes are designed to protect against thermal exposure and intermittent flames. Shop eBay for a wide variety of flame resistant products at the lowest prices.

What different kinds of flame resistant clothing exist?

Flame resistant clothing comes in two forms. The first form includes uniforms and other gear worn specifically in settings already aflame or in which significant exposure is likely to occur. The second form includes all clothing meant to be worn continuously in situations in which intermittent exposure is possible. Flame resistant workwear, like the flame resistant coveralls worn by firemen and women, is of the former type, and flame resistant pajamas is of the latter.

Difference between fire resistant and fire retardant

The terms flame resistant and fire resistant are synonymous, but the term fire retardant refers to something different. Flame or fire resistant items, are composed of nonflammable materials that help to prevent a fire from spreading. Fire retardant items, however, have been put through a chemical treatment to give them similar properties as those of inherently flame resistant items. To be flame resistant, clothing must be made of naturally flame resistant fabric whereas any fabric can be flame retardant if treated with flame retardant paint.

What fabrics is flame resistant clothing made from?

Many people mistakenly believe that 100% cotton is flame resistant. While it does offer a high degree of flame protection, it does not meet the same standards of flame resistance required for a fabric to be given that name. Rather, most flame resistant wear is made of one or more of the following synthetic materials:

  • Kevlar - In addition to being flame resistant, this fabric also offers extraordinary strength and durability and is therefore used not just in clothing but other flame resistant objects.
  • Nomex - This inherently flame resistant fabric is often used in flame resistant clothing on its own, though it can also be found combined with other materials like Kevlar.
  • Modacrylic - The most commonly used fabric in flame resistant clothing, it is often blended with other flame resistant fabrics to produce materials that meet the highest standards and requirements.