Fishing Floats and Bobbers

Fishing floats are also known as bobbers and they work effectively to attract fish, they are also useful for adding a sense of fun into fishing. They allow fishermen to watch the floating bobber float in the water and bob around creating a fun experience whilst also working well. Fishing floats are a very useful accessory to fishermen of all skill levels and fishing disciplines.

There are plenty of different fishing floats available that are ideal for a great fishing trip and they vary in float type and brand.


Basic floats are used by pushing a button and hooking your line around the hook that runs along the pressed button. The floats have two places that you can attach your line to by simply threading it through the hole.


Fishing floats and bobbers help keep your bait suspended meaning you are able to lure in more fish at once. This is particularly useful to lure in fish like crappies and bluegills as they tend to move in groups so if the float helps to suspend the bait, there is more chance of catching more fish. Another advantage to using floats is that the floats help keep your line and bait at a reasonable level in the water. The bottom of a body of water usually has the worst conditions but by using a float, your hook can be kept above the worst of it. Floats can also drift well through harsh water conditions and strong currents or winds which helps show the bait to more fish, thus hopefully catching more fish.

From the different fishing floats and bobbers available, there is plenty of choice for you to make to ensure you have the right float for your next fishing trip. The fishing floats and bobbers available vary in different types, which include waggler , stick, pole float, all round floats and avons. These different types also vary in manufacturing brand such as Preston , Drennon, Maver and Diawa.

Floats are a popular fishing accessory and work well with all different types of fishing including fly-fishing and coarse fishing. They offer a fine and sensitive bite indication feature that helps show you when there are fish around your bait and overall offer you a strong and sturdy accessory to use when fishing on a regular basis. There is plenty of choice so make sure you pick the right type of floats for your fishing style and technique.