Fishing Boats

The Catch of the Day Awaits with the Right Fishing Boat

There's just something soothing about fishing. The tranquil sounds of the water. The sunshine glinting off the ebbs and flows of the sea. Having fun and laughing as you bait your hook or show your son or grandson or granddaughter how to fish for the first time. Whether you're looking for the most basic of boats or you want a full-on luxury fishing boat, there's a wide array of new and pre-owned options to consider as you shop eBay for the boat that will surely help you land the biggest bass around.

What's the Difference Between Fishing Boats?

Not all boats are created equal. Different fishing boats come in handy for different types of water, specific categories of fish, and other considerations. Keep in mind what you're looking to land when you go to buy a new or used boat.

  • A bass fishing boat, as the name implies, offers special features meant to aid you in catching bass, such as a deep-V hull. They're meant for freshwater fishing and offer high horsepower, which makes them a little less affordable than other boats, which is where buying a pre-owned boat is good option to consider.
  • Looking for a model you can take out for the night and enjoy a relaxing evening out on? Then you're looking for a cruiser. These designs have a space underneath where you can sleep, and then you can fish off the deck when you desire.
  • There are different types of engines. Choose between single or twin engines, and inboard or outboard. It comes down to power, as a twin engine not only offers you a backup engine but gives you more performance. However, a smaller craft only needs one engine. Outboard motors are less costly and take up less space, though inboard motors are more powerful and quieter. A Lund 16-foot boat offers a four-stroke engine.
Saltwater vs. Freshwater Boats

You need a different type of fishing boat depending on the waters you'll be fishing and what type of fish you're aiming to catch. There are some variations between inshore saltwater fishing boats, offshore saltwater fishing, and freshwater fishing boats.

  • Cooling systems - Cooling between saltwater and freshwater models differ. This is because saltwater boats must flush the salt from the system, so these parts vary.
  • Hull strength - The hull may be different in these types of boats. Some designs offer a hull construction meant for staying close to shore, whereas saltwater models may not have that particular feature. The hull, which is the body of the boat, is constructed from fiberglass, which is more costly, or aluminum, which is durable and affordable.
  • Maintenance - When you take your boat in saltwater, maintenance does become more imperative, as salt buildup can cause rust and have a negative effect on the way your boat's exterior looks. You'll need to clean it more thoroughly than you would a freshwater one.
What Brands and Models Should You Consider?

Just like with any other type of vehicle, be it a car, motorcycle, or a fishing boat, there are different brands and models available with a host of features, ranging from Alumacraft and Boston Whaler to Bass Tracker and Grady White, among others.

  • Crestliner offers some popular models, including pontoon, sport, and crappie fishing boats.
  • Look to Tracker for durable aluminum designs, deep-V options, and multipurpose Jon designs.
  • Check out what Ranger has to offer you, including offshore and inshore designs with a myriad of special features to make fishing a luxurious and deluxe experience for your family and friends.

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