Hunting Gun Ammunition Magazines

Hunting gun ammunition magazines manufactured by Smith and Wesson, Glock, Ruger, and Sig Sauer are detachable or internal fixed cartridges which hold four, seven, or 10 rounds of bullets. Gun magazines load bullets into the firing chamber of rifles or handguns through a spring-loaded mechanism. Smaller detachable four-round magazines for big game hunting are referred to as clips.

How do Smith and Wesson ammunition magazines work?

Smith and Wesson (S & W) firearm barrels are self-cleaning Zytel polymer reinforced stainless steel with a Browning-type locking system for safety. The trigger engages the firing pin lifting the safety plunger and engaging the sear in the S & W firearm. Though this tensioned striker mechanism is similar to Glock handgun mechanisms, S & W pistols set the striker for the next shot automatically and require less pressure or force to pull the trigger. S & W handgun magazines drop from their handguns when the magazine release is pressed.

What kind of magazines does Glock manufacture and sell?

Extra handgun magazines help you reload your handguns faster. Glock manufactures detachable weather-resistant, shock-resistant polymer gun magazines which withstand damage even when dropped. Their machined, reliable Glock gun magazines are heat-treated carbon steel with chrome silicon springs to increase your handgun's efficiency.

What clips and gun magazines are available for Ruger guns?

American-made Ruger gun magazines for handguns and rifles come in a variety of shapes and sizes. A rotor separates cartridges in their patented cylindrical magazines. Ruger extended gun magazines hold multiple rounds and release easily for quick removal and insertion. Gun magazines for their bolt-action hunting rifles hold only the few rounds of ammunition you need for big game season.

What firearm magazines does Sig Sauer (SIG) produce?

The German-Swiss firearm manufacturer SIG produces gun magazines and all-copper projectiles in nickel-plated casings. SIG ammunition, available in dozens of calibers and grain weights, expands to 1.8 its diameter to reliably and accurately target game. Maximum performance handgun magazines load nickel cases which increase lubrication, resist corrosion, and fire reliably.

What should you consider when choosing hunting gun magazines?

Hunting gun magazines vary by manufacturer, caliber, shape, size, and type of firearm. Aftermarket gun magazines are also available, but remember your pistol is only as good as its handgun magazine. A weak spring can cause your magazine to malfunction. It's possible to replace a gun magazine's springs or lock plate without replacing the entire hunting gun magazine. You may also want to consider a gun magazine loader for fast, effortless reloading.

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